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A next level machine learning based exchange rates comparison platform. We provide prediction for possible future exchange rates and free access to compare, analyze and choose among best money transfer service providers.

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Free live currency exchange rates from a dozen of leading money transfer service providers

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A one stop platform for comparison of best remittance providers saves valuable time while future expected exchange rates saves money


Supports all modern mobile devices, tablets and desktop browsers for the best optimum use and better user experience


Graphical information makes user easy to understand, analyse and decide the best remittance service


World's first innovative machine learning technology to predict future exchange rates based on strong analytics


A high precision calculator gives final receivable amount by including all sneaky and hidden charges



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Enter the amount of money to send, select source and destination countries, choose your desired payment sending method (Bank ACH is set as default) & Click "COMPARE"

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Sort results by clicking appropriate option based on your preference (for example, sort by best rate or fastest or both)

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WAIT! Check if the current rate matches or exceeds the predicted rate. The RemitAnalyst Thumbs up symbol identifies the current exchange rate as a good deal for that remittance provider from our analytics.

Review Deals, Rates and Time

Review comparison results, pick the best deal & Click "SEND" to go directly on a money transfer service provider website for sending money


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I do freelancing work for multiple US based clients. RemitAnalyst helps me to compare various remittance providers with fees and hidden charges. I always get the best exchange rates for my payments in dollar amounts through my preferred money exchange portal.

Priyanka B.


Saved more than ten thousand INR by just following the expected future exchage rates. Prediction is very accurate. Moreover, free to use. Completly fair comparison between money transfer services. What else we need? Great job RemitAnalyst team.

Jaimin K.

Software Engineer

Very neat, fast and agile tool with options of sorting and filtering that fulfill my needs. Instead of jumping from website to website to get best exchage rate to send money to india (USD to INR), I compare exchage rates daily on RemitAnalyst and it saves my time.

Hasita K.

PhD Student