Why RemitAnalyst is the best exchange rates comparison provider?

RemitAnalyst is the World's first machine-learning based remittance comparison platform where users can directly compare current exchange rates among the top remittance providers. We are the only one to use machine learning algorithms to predict upcoming exchange rates. We provide a robust money calculator that includes all possible features to help users to select the best money transfer service provider (remittance provider) without any hassle.

The list of filters is as below.
  • Source Country
  • Destination Country
  • Sending method
  • Amount to be sent

Moreover, the user can sort filtered results based on the best rate, time and value. With the increase in the number of money transfer service providers, it's hard for users to choose among all remittance providers.

So, here we are!

Why we started RemitAnalyst: It takes more time and efforts to visit all remittance providers' websites, note down current rates and take a decision. Therefore, we have decided to build a unique platform to mitigate this issue.

Our goal, for all our users, is to save time, search the best rate and service according to their needs and make the decision easily just from one place. RemitAnalyst is completely free to use with no service charges, no subscriptions and no accounts required to compare the best exchange rates. Based on a predicted future rate, the current rate is matched and great deals are indicated.

In addition to exchange rates information, our brief summary of pros, cons, and features list explains all required information for the chosen remittance service. We encourage users to write reviews and provide feedback regarding their recent transactions and experiences. This will improve the quality of remittance service providers as well as help other users to make a more informed decision.

Feel free to contact us regarding any concerns, suggestions and/or improvement of our service. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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