7 must-have apps and online tools for immigrants in Australia

Updated on: 2022-05-17 - 3 mins read

Once you have planned your trip to Australia, the very next step is to prepare for your travel.

While there are still lots of paper-based information, such as maps, leaflets, printouts and brochures, it is important to have all the information being stored on your devices such as a tablet, smartphone, or iPhone. Especially at the time when traveling alone in Australia, travel applications and tools help us to make solo exploration easier, safer and smarter.


RemitAnalyst is the world's first machine learning-based remittance comparison platform where users can directly help to compare currency exchange rates among the top remittance providers for AUD to INR coridoor. It is the only one to use machine learning algorithms to predict upcoming exchange rates. This platform offers a robust money calculator that includes all possible features to help users to select the best money transfer service provider without any hassle.

The main reason for establishing this company is, that it takes more effort and time to visit all remittance providers' websites, note down current rates and make a decision. Thus, the company decided to offer a one-stop solution for the customers for making more informed decisions during money transfers.

This application's goal is to save time, search for the best rate and service according to the customer’s needs and make the decision easily.

This application is completely free to use with no service charge, no accounts, and no subscription required to compare the best exchange rates for sending money from Australia to India.

Wikicamps Australia

This is a must-have application when camping in Australia. It has the most up-to-date and largest database of caravan parks, campgrounds, day-use areas, backpacker hostels, points of interest, public dump points and information centers – this application has everything that you are looking for!

The information and data are kept up to date by users, so it is forever growing and always being updated with the latest information. Whether you are going on a weekend camping trip or planning a big Australian adventure, WikiCamps is the perfect guide to have.

I translate

If you travel to Australia and don’t know how to speak English, this is a must. This travel application translates words, sentences and phrases instantly into the 50 different languages. A great feature is that it translates while you speak, and you can save the translated text and send it with the help of an email or copy it. This app is available on both iOS and Android.

Beach Safe

As you will quickly discover, everything in Australia happens on the beach. And with lots of people inhabiting the beaches here throughout the year, safety is a big thing. This is a great application for anyone with a family who wants to find the nearest, safest beach to spend the day. Not only does it give different recommendations and reviews of all the beaches in your local area, but it also updates you on the water temperature, UX index, tide times and potential hazards, whether it is particularly good for surfing or other water sports patrolled by the lifeguards.


If you find yourself without a hotel organized for the next few nights or like to travel without any plans, HotelTonight is the application for you! Hotels list their unsold rooms, and you search for the location and dates you need. Then, the application shows you all the very best last-minute hotel deals for that night. Of course, you can search around 100 days in advance, but the very best deals tend to be the same-day deals. That said, it is always worth checking anyway, just in case you snap up a bargain on a great hotel room.

Emergency +

Just like its name, this is an application that will come in handy at the time of an emergency. It uses the smartphone GPS’s functionality such that callers can offer emergency call-takers their location information as determined by their phone. It also includes Police Assistance Line, SES and other numbers so that non-emergency calls can be made to the most appropriate number.

Australian Police Child ID

Australia is a very big country, and it is likely that even if you are at the beach, you may lose sight of your family. If you are a frazzled parent constantly trying to keep track of your kids, then this app is the answer to your worries. It helps the parents to send essential important information about their children to the police in the event of a disappearance or abduction. You do not have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands, as no data from the application is stored or collected by the police unless it is sent to them.