Cheap Mobile Plans with International Callings for Students in Australia

Updated on: 2022-03-02 - 4 mins read

If you are a Student in Australia, you will need to make overseas calls to your family and friends. Having an unlimited international calls option or cheap mobile plans is something every student wishes for. It lets you talk to your loved ones without worrying about hefty phone bills. The number of international students in Australia for the January-October 2021 period was 563,071.

If you are looking for cheap mobile plans with international calling, the list below will help you select the best one per your needs.

1. Telstra

Telstra Corporation Limited is an Australian telecommunications company that builds and operates telecommunications networks. It is Australia's largest telecommunications company by market share. Telstra is the largest wireless carrier in Australia, with 18.8 million subscribers as of 2020.

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The basic Telstra plan starts at $55 per month and gives you 40GB of data on a 4G network. You get 30 minutes of standard calls to overseas calls and unlimited international SMS to all countries. You can go with an international add-on if you believe it is less. Telstra comes with three different plans above the basic plan for international calling. You can choose the one depending on the location and the calling minutes you need. Make sure your calling destination is on the destination list.

  • International Calling Pack Zone 1 - It costs $10, and you can make unlimited standard calls from Australia to 23 different locations.
  • International Calling Pack Zone 2 comes at $20, and you can make unlimited standard calls from Australia to 23 different locations. Also, you get 200 minutes from Australia to standard numbers in 45 destinations.
  • International Calling Pack Zone 2 - It comes at $30, and you can make unlimited standard calls from Australia to 23 different locations. Also, you get 200 minutes from Australia to standard numbers in 93 destinations.

2. Optus

The plans come with the flexibility of no lock-in contracts. They offer new month-to-month SIM plans for your phone. It also offers family plans. The regular program starts from $45 and has no international calling facility. However, the global starts from $55 per month. You get unlimited standard National talk and text. Also, you get unlimited international talk and text to 35 different locations.

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3. TPG telecom

It automatically gets renewed each month. The basic plan comes with 12 GB of data at $20 per month. On top of this plan, you add unlimited international calls to landlines and mobile numbers in 37 countries at only $5 per month. In short, you can get unlimited international calling at $25 per month.

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4. Dodo

It gives you free SIM and priority delivery of SIM and comes with no contracts or locking. Currently, the company is offering discounts on its mobile plan. The regular program for international calling starts at $20 per month. However, you can get it for $10 per month for the first two months (till 31st January 2022). You get 20GB of data with unlimited national calls and text. You get complete international text and 100 minutes of international calling to selected countries.

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If you want more international calling minutes, you can opt for a $30 per month plan (available at $15 till 31 January) and get 40 GB of data and 200 international calling minutes. There is no plan with unlimited calling minutes.

5. Felix

It offers only one that comes at $35 per month. You get unlimited data in the plan. Also, you can make unlimited calls and texts within Australia. There is no lock-in period or exit fee. You can cancel the program anytime you want to. For international calling, you can get the add-on plan at an additional $5 per month. You get unlimited international standard calls and texts. The international calling facility is available in over 40 selected countries. You can add international calls and texts to your Felix plan when signing up or later in the Felix app once you're an active customer.

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6. Circles. life

The company does not offer any unlimited calling facility. You can sign up for the basic plan at $10 per month and get unlimited talk and text options in standard numbers in Australia. For international calling, you can make calls to any country. The rates for different countries are mentioned here. All international calls are billed in 30-second increments with a flagfall of $0.30 (Ex GST). All international calls are subject to 10% GST. For example, if you want to make an international call to India, you will have to pay $0.11 + GST.

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7. Lyca Mobile

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The famous plan starts at $10 per 28 days. You get unlimited calling minutes and text within Australia. It offers 60GB of mobile data and international minutes to 29 countries. You also get 30 international minutes to 9 countries. The $10 is only for new customers and can be availed for two renewals purchased online. The same plan for others is $30 per 28 days. You can check out other reasonable procedures.

8. IInet

All the plans come with unlimited talk and text to standard Australia numbers. There is no lock-in period or contract for any projects. For international calling, the program comes at $20 per month for the first six months and then $39.99 per month. In this plan, you get 100 international calling minutes to most countries (some countries are excluded). Post that standard global rate applies. You can check the rates for different countries here. International call rates to India are given below: Flag fall - $0.35, Rate/Minute - $0.06

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We hope the above plans will help you choose the best methods for international calling as per your budget and requirement.