How did I almost loose $1800+ while I was sleeping

Updated on: 2019-11-16 - 2 mins read

User: Mr. X

Money Transfer Company: “Y-Remittance”

Here in this blog we are sharing a user’s negative experience with the customer support of a money transfer service:


I am Mr. X and I would like to express my extreme displeasure at the customer support experience I witnessed today!

Case background:

Today morning, I witnessed that I have received two text messages from “Y-Remittance” reporting two transactions of TRY 5850.00 & TRY 4680.00 to a random stranger named Hamdi Mildan around 3:50 AM CDT on 10/15/2019. (Please note, I didn't receive any confirmatory email from “Y-Remittance” for these two transactions at 3:50 AM.). Immediately after this, I logged into my Bank of America checking account which is linked with “Y-Remittance” account and I noticed 2 transactions of amount $1004 and $804 were deducted from my account accessed via debit card. I immediately contacted “Y-Remittance” customer support to inform about these two fraud transactions, to investigate into this matter and help me with the solution.

Over the call I was informed that, this issue is being transferred to Customer Security Department of “Y-Remittance” and I was suggested to change the account password and should expect a call back from Customer Security representative within an hour.

After patiently waiting for two hours in a tensed state of mind, I reached out again to “Y-Remittance” customer support to get in touch with Customer Security Department representative. At this moment, I was asked to wait for indefinite time for further information and on expressing my extreme displeasure at that moment, the customer security department representative was added immediately. Once I got in touch with the customer department representative, he confirmed my account information and requested information to verify the account details and I was asked to explain my situation. After listening to my complaints, she immediately suspended the account. At this point, I requested for email confirming suspension of account which was out right denied to me. Furthermore, on my request to help with Case ID number or Complaint number the representative blatantly denied the request without providing any justification or reason. This is highly unprofessional in my opinion.

During my interaction with multiple “Y-Remittance” representative, for over three hours I was never assured or provided any forward path to resolve this issue. Apparently, I was constantly subjected to cookie cutter response for all my request that the procedures of “Y-Remittance” restrains them from helping me with any information but to initiate a dispute for these transactions from my bank. On explaining further, that I would require some proof or justification to initiate a dispute, the representative agreed to send a procedural document about how “Y-Remittance” will be investigating in this matter addressing the bank in 10 ~ 15 minutes.

If any transfer service does not give you an estimated cost or does not compare the transfer costs it is best not to opt for those services as they may have certain hidden charges that often show up on the last screen before clicking on the final confirmation tab and hence go unnoticed. Depending on the type of transaction (wire transfer, credit card/ debit card transfer, account-to-account transfer) the transfer fees might defer.

In the next 10 minutes, I received a call from the same representative with the cookie cutter response that the procedures do not allow her to help me with the document as well.

At the end of the day, after struggling with multiple “Y-Remittance” representatives from morning 9:00 AM till evening 6:30 PM I was left stranded with NO information, proof or any sort of help, except for the receipts of these two fraud transaction before suspending my account.

Note: To hide the real identity, different names have been used in this blog