7 must-have apps and online tools for immigrants in the USA

Updated on: 2022-05-17 - 3 mins read

Moving to another country like the United States is a big step. It means starting life over again in an unfamiliar place – a new environment, a new house, and new culture. Everything changes, and it's a 180-degree adjustment that many of us can't handle instantly.

Adjusting may take some time, so it is good to have some migration solutions and tools to help you transition smoothly into your new life. Modern technology provides you with mobile applications designed specifically for immigrants in the USA. Your new life can quickly and easily start with a click!

Whatever you are looking for, you can conveniently find it on your smartphone. To save you some time, we have listed seven apps and tools for immigrants moving to the USA.

1. RemitAnalyst

RemitAnalyst is the world's first machine learning-based remittance comparison platform where users can directly help to compare USD to INR live exchange rates among the top money transfer providers. It is the only one to use machine learning algorithms to predict upcoming exchange rates. The platform offers a robust money calculator that includes all possible features to help users to select the best money transfer service provider without any hassle.

This application's goal is to save time, search for the best rate and service according to their needs and make the decision easily just from one place before sending money from the US to India.

This application is free to use with no service charge, no accounts, and no subscription required to compare the best exchange rates. Based on the prediction, the current rate is matched, and great deals are indicated.

2. Unit Converter

Did you know precisely that less than ten countries, including the United States – use the Fahrenheit scale for measuring the temperature, and only three countries measure the distance in feet and inches? The chances are that you are used to a different metric system than in the USA.

Unit Converter applications help to solve this problem quickly. The application allows you to calculate the conversion on your phone, making it easier to gauge the temperature outside or set your oven correctly for baking.

And what is more, the free version of the application still covers many of the most common conversions, including power, currency, area, speed, pressure, and mileage.

3. Amberstudent

Amberstudent is a platform via which students can book accommodations near their universities. They strive to provide students with the best services, with free round-the-clock assistance from experts. As of now, the platform is available across 100+ cities in the US, with one million student beds listed.

Amberstudent, a pioneer in accommodation providers for students across the globe, solves house hunting and booking problems for five million students crossing geographies every year.

4. Splitwise

Are you looking for an app to help you split expenses among your group while in the US? If yes, then Splitwise is an app for you. It is an application that allows you to track shared expenses and split bills when traveling with a group of people.

It was founded by Ryan Laughlin, Marshall Weir, and Jonathan Bittner in 2011. It was initially geared towards roommates and couples who share household expenses.

Soon, it became a big hit among travelers because it was a less awkward way of dividing travel expenses. There will be so many expenses that you have to bear on the go and keeping track of who owes money to whom is not easy. With this app, you no longer must share cold glances, break into arguments, or empty your wallet on behalf of your friends.

There is both a mobile and web version to use, and it is available on iOS and Android devices.

Features of Splitwise:

  • Select from more than 100 currencies when recording expenses. It is handy for travelers as you can record amounts using the local currency specified in the bills.
  • Payment integration with Venmo and PayPal
  • Simplifying debts helps the groups resolve debt triangles by minimizing the number of transactions.
  • Keep track of the total balance instead of the personal expenses.
  • Choose how to split the bills or expenses among members equally by specific amounts or percentages.

5. USCIS Case Status

This US Citizenship and Immigration Services application allows users to check their status. When someone applies for an I-140, they used to get a 13-digit number. On this application, they can download the case tracker and track the petition twice a day to see when it gets approved.

6. US Citizen Test Prep

When applying for US Citizenship, a person must go through an MCQ Quiz. This app consists of a list of questions to study from. There are around 10 questions that the person is quizzed on, so this app gives all the questions the Government has ever released.

7. Push4Reform

This immigration application by the FWD.us helps users contact their local representative to push for immigration reforms and see the representative reform stance. It is a bipartisan political organization that believes America's families, communities, and economy thrive when more individuals can achieve their full potential. Our harmful immigration and criminal justice systems have locked too many people out of the American dream for too long. The staff includes many experts directly impacted by such immigration-related issues in the past. There is a diverse group from many states, countries, and professional backgrounds.

In conclusion, for immigrants in the US, navigating the complexities of international finance has been made more accessible and efficient with the aid of essential apps and online tools. The seven must-have applications and services highlighted in this blog, such as RemitAnalyst, offer a seamless experience when sending money to India from the USA. With their reliable USD to INR foreign exchange services, immigrants can enjoy competitive foreign exchange rates and stay informed about exchange rate forecasts. These tools empower immigrants to make informed decisions when managing their finances, ensuring that their hard-earned money reaches their loved ones in India swiftly and securely. By embracing these innovative solutions, immigrants can embark on their new journey with confidence, knowing that staying connected with family and supporting them financially is just a few taps away. As the world continues to evolve, these indispensable tools will remain essential companions for immigrants, fostering stronger ties between their new home in the US and their roots in India.