Step-by-step guide for USCIS H1B Visa Online Registration Tool for FY2020

Updated on: 2020-02-14 - 5 mins read

H1B visa season has arrived again with new type of lottery system. USCIS recently provided basic guidance on online H1B registration process

Step1: Create USCIS registrant account (Employer or H1B sponsor will create this)

  • Go to USCIS Sign up page to create an account
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email Id once you fill the details
  • Set up password and select two step verification method (Text or email or an authorized app)
  • Provide answers for five security questions to reset your password, in case you forget your password

Step 2: Select appropriate account type

  • Here we are going with “I am an H1B registrant” type account
  • This account type can be used only to submit H1B registration by any individual, organization, company etc. , but can not be used by attorneys / Accredited representatives. They need to select “legal representative” account type

Step 3: Start filing registration

  • H1B registration period will be open from March 1, 2020 till March 20, 2020
  • Under 'My Account', select 'file a form' for 'H1B registration'
  • Set up password and select two step verification method (Text or email or an authorized app)
  • If you have representative passcode, you can write it here or else just select 'File a registration'

Step 4: Go through basic information about H1B registration, eligibility, duplicates, application fees, etc. and start application

Step 5: Fill out basic information such as Legal name, Employer identification number, Primary US address about the company who is sponsoring an H1B visa

Step 6: Fill the details about Authorized Signatory Information

  • The Authorized Signatory is a someone who is authorized to sign legal documents on behalf of the company or organization.

Step 7: Add Beneficiary for whom H1B will be applied

  • More than one beneficiary can be added for one registrant(employer/agent) per registration.

Step 8 : Fill all the basic details about beneficiary/H1B applicant

Step 9: Add another beneficiary if you are applying for multiple beneficiaries

  • View after filing details about another beneficiary is as follows:

Step 10: Review the application

Step 11: Summary of complete application

Step 12: Authorized Signatory’s signature

Step 13: Payment for the registration

Step 14: Confirmation of successful submission of H1B registration

Once the registration is done, you can check status of all applications

  • Go to your Homepage and click View all cases to see the status of applications
  • Set up password and select two step verification method (Text or email or an authorized app)

After lottery has been conducted, you can see the status of application from your USCIS account whether it has been selected or not selected or denied (in case of duplication of application).

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