Travel Tips for Indian Students Before Going to USA

Updated on: 2021-10-01 - 3 mins read

Are you planning to study abroad in your dream university? Presumably for the fist time, at that instant you may feel hesitant and delighted at the same time with many confusions in mind Absolutely shifting from India to United States of America can be a huge change in one’s life. Here are some of the best tips for students planning to go abroad:

1. Visas: Visa - one of the most important thing to take into consideration. Travel authorization is must before entering the United States of America. There are 2 types of student visa:

i). F-1 visa: F-1 visa or US student visa or study visa is granted to students (for a full-time course) and is valid generally for the period of study and permission of work outside the university is not allowed. The F visa is for academic studies (like BS, MS, MBA, Ph.D., High School, Private Elementary school, Seminary).

ii). J-1 visa: J-1 visa status is generally used for students in specific educational exchange programs. It may also be used by the university for students in degree programs.

2. Transportation: Travelling via plane is the best way to go to long distance destinations. It is one of the most expedient, fastest, cost effective mode of transportation when visiting different regions. To make this slightly easier for you, here are some flight travel tips to USA:

i). Identify nearby major airport

ii). Find few travels agents

iii). Compare airfare, airlines, and baggage options

iv). Finalize the air travel and airlines

v). Sign-up for Frequent Flyer Miles Account

vi). Book your flight tickets

3. Accommodations: Accommodation can be on or off campus, it can either be in rooms or dormitories. Amber Student is a platform through which students can book accommodation near their university. As Southeast Asia’s largest student accommodation provider, Amber Students is currently operational in 100+ cities in Australia, Europe, and the United States of America with more than 20K listings on their platform.The link mentioned below is of Amber Students via which you can book you room.

4. Sales Tax: The United States of America includes a sales tax in almost everything you buy. Depending on which city or state you are in, this tax can add five to ten percent to your purchase.

5. Don’t Let Finances Overwhelm you: Just because you’re on a smaller budget doesn’t mean you can’t see the world. In fact, you should aim to travel despite your smaller budget, you don’t want to look back later in life and regret not seeing the world because money held you back. Studying abroad cannot be as extravagant as you think. You may be able to direct your financial aid towards your trip as well. You need to keep your finances up to date and should not waste money. You can also earn rewards that are rigged to travel with credit cards.

6. Consult with Somebody who has done it before: Do you just want more understanding or not sure what to anticipate, then get in touch with someone who has spent very long time in abroad. Although everyone’s experience may differ a little, but it can be absolutely relieving to talk to someone who has actually done it before.

7. Make Friends with Locals: Make friends with American students, they will make you understand a lot about their culture and introduce you to their other friends. Mixing with locals has a great advantage when it comes to learn more about that place.

8. Talk to your Bank: You must visit a bank beforehand and get currency for the country you are going to, as stepping out of the plane for the very first time in a new country would be spooky.Talk to your bank before your departure and let them know when and where you will be travelling.

9. Expenses: Living in country like United States of America can be expensive, so it is necessary for you to learn to be self sufficient and economical. You can even find part time jobs to keep yourself financed.

10. Safety: Safety can not be guaranteed in any country, although many areas of the United States of America are well monitored and patrolled, but it is sensible to stick to a group that you know well, stay away from dark pathways and walk-in well-lit areas. Make sure you do not reveal any of your personal details like bank accounts, ATM pins, passwords etc. It is essential to be yourself.

The above tips are very helpful if you keep following them throughout your travels. Then, you will complete your college and enjoy your time in abroad by exploring a beautiful part of nature.