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What we like about Instarem

  • Loyalty point program
  • Quick transfers withing 1 to 2 days
  • Wire transfer available to send upto INR 9,999,999,999
  • 375 InstaPoints for first time users
  • Instarem often gives competitive exchange rate

What we don't like about Instarem

  • Maximum amount is $1500 per transaction
  • Strict monthly and bimonthly limits on transferable amount
  • Account verification takes 2-3 days for new users
  • 0.4% Transfer fees for all transaction


Transfer Fees$0 USD on $0-$360 USD
Transfer Time1-2 Days
Max Transfer Amount$9999999999
Min Transfer Amount$360
Sending MethodsDirect Debit (from the Bank Account)Wire Transfer
Receiving MethodsDirect Bank Deposit
Referral ProgramYes
Customer Service InformationEmail: support@instarem.comNumber (US): +1-888-409-3307

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