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  • InstaRem often gives competitive exchange rate
  • Loyalty point program
  • Quick transfers withing 1 to 2 days
  • Wire transfer available to send upto INR 9,999,999,999
  • 375 InstaPoints for first time users


  • Maximum amount is $1500 per transaction
  • Strict monthly and bimonthly limits on transferable amount
  • 0.4% Transfer fees for all trasaction
  • Account verification takes 2 for new users


Transfer Fees0.4% on $50-1500
Transfer Time1-2 Days
Max Transfer Amount$1500
Min Transfer Amount$50
Sending MethodsBank ACHWire Transfer
Receiving MethodsDirect Bank Deposit
Referral ProgramYes
Customer Service InformationEmail: support@instarem.comNumber (US): +1-888-409-3307

How to Send Money with InstaRem

Brief Summary

InstaRem is a money transfer service provider offering best-priced, fast, and secure currency exchange services around the world. InstaReM is consistently ranked as a very competitive remittance platform between several Asian countries. They provide up-front, transparent fees for currency transfers based on a low commission, rather than a fixed fee for all transactions. This makes their online platform very attractive for transferring smaller amounts around the world. All of InstaRem’s fees are based on charging a small premium on the mid-market, baseline currency exchange rate. This lets businesses and individuals understand exactly how much they will be paying for money transfers. Their prices are low, often between 0.25% to 0.5% of the transferred amount. They can typically transfer funds within a business day of funding, compared to a typical bank transfer time of two to four days. In addition to providing money transfer services to individuals. InstaReM is a remittance company with a strong focus on small and medium businesses, where they provide specialized functions to support smooth transfer. InstaReM is fast, reliable and well-priced money transfer specialist, especially if you need to send money online to or from an Asian country.

InstaRem being a global remittance provider, allows Indians living in the United States to send money to India to their loved ones. With good and competitive USD to INR exchange rates for currency conversion and minimal transaction fees, you can send money through them easily using their online platform which accessible through various electronic gadgets also. The remittance provider allows you to send $1500 US Dollar to Indian Rupee at one go with a transfer fee 0.4% of the amount you transfer. InstaReM allows Bank ACH or Wire transfer as payment options. With wire transfer you can send up to INR 9,999,999,999. InstaReM ensures fast and secure transactions by making sure that the funds are received within two business days. Often InstaReM offers transaction bonus through promo codes and deals. InstaReM also offers loyalty point program that gives various benefits for new and recurring users, for example new users get 375 InstaPoints as a welcome bonus.

Steps to send money to India using InstaRem

Step 2

Create an account if you’re a first time by clicking “Sign Up”, otherwise click “Log In”

create account or login
Step 3

Fill out basic information and click “Save and Continue”. You also need to “Verify” your SSN

fill out basic info and continue
Step 4

Provide “Identity Proof”, “Address Proof” & click “Save and Continue”

provide id proof address proof and continue
Step 5

Select “Source and Destination countries”, enter the “Amount” you want to send, check “Fees Details” & Click “Initiate Transfer”

select source and destination countries enter amount check fees and initialize transfer
Step 6

Fill out “Recipient’s Basic Information”, “Payment Method” & Click “Save and Continue”

fill recipient info payment method and continue
Step 7

Review all Transaction Details and click “I Authorize and Confirm” to complete the transaction

review transaction details and authorize
Step 8

Visit to get all required information about InstaReM

send money to India using InstaRem last step

InstaReM FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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InstaReM BizPay - Solving the problem of Cash Crunch for SMBs
June 19, 2020

InstaReM’s new service, BizPay, is a unique solution that addresses cash flow challenges, by turning corporate credit cards into a funding source, without even a bank application. It enables businesses to convert unused corporate credit card limits into cash flow for their business without any interest for up to 55 days.

Nium funding Round C followed by Visa & BRI Ventures
May 7, 2020

Global fintech startup Nium (InstaReM earlier) announced that it has raised a new round of equity funding, joined by new investors Visa and BRI Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Bank BRI of Indonesia. Funds will be utilized to further build its diversified payment infrastructure offering that includes outreach to consumers, SMEs, large enterprises as well as banks and financial institutions.

InstaReM - Payment Service provider, FX broker, Travel Company
October 11, 2019

InstaReM works with a global acquirer and payment service provider, which also has a B2B based payout business to support relationships with other businesses. InstaReM works with a UK-based FX broker focused on B2B transactions. InstaReM works with a hotel booking platform for those on a budget. The travel company can make local payouts to its vendor network, refund cancelled bookings, and make salary payouts seamlessly across multiple locations.

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