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  • Transfer amount as low as $1
  • Often best exchange rate for bank to bank transfers
  • No transfer fees on any amount for bank transfers
  • Cash pick-up upto $7500


  • Lower exchange rates for fast transfers with debit/credit cards
  • Longer transfer time for higher exchange rates with bank transfers


Transfer Fees$0 on $1-7500
Transfer Time3-4 Days
Max Transfer Amount$7500
Min Transfer Amount$1
Sending MethodsBank ACHDebit CardCredit Card (Not recommended-Remittance often treated as cash advances)Pay-In-Cash
Receiving MethodsDirect Bank DepositCash Pick-up
Referral ProgramNo
Customer Service InformationEmail: customerservice@moneygram.comNumber: +1-800-926-9400

How to Send Money with MoneyGram

Brief Summary

MoneyGram is a remittance provider for global money transfer and payment services. Their mission is to connect friends and family throughout the world by providing a reliable financial connection for life's essentials and daily needs. They offer best exchange rates at zero to very low transfer fee. The services they offer have the ability to positively impact millions of lives every day. MoneyGram constantly focuses on innovative methods to meet their customers’ needs. Whether a transaction is made through one of their online or mobile platforms, a kiosk or at any one of their 350,000 global agent locations, MoneyGram is committed to providing an industry leading customer experience at every interaction. MoneyGram is built upon a foundation of trust, reliability, innovation and convenience. They also ensure to offer safe and secure transactions. Hence, you can trust them to send money online throughout the world.

MoneyGram helps you transfer money to India for your family needs, investments, EMIs, loans, etc, tied with often high USD to INR exchange rate. They offer various payment methods including Bank ACH, Debit or Credit Card and payment by cash. This money transfer company specializes in offering best currency conversion for bank to bank transfers along with zero transfer fees deals (deal link) on any transfer amount in US Dollar to Indian Rupee. The transfer amount can be as low as $1 and the cash pick-up amount can be as high as $7500 in a single transaction.

Steps to send money to India using MoneyGram

Step 2

Select the country where you want to send money. Create an account if you’re a first time user otherwise click “Log In”

select country and create account
Step 3

Fill out basic information and click “Next”

fill out basic info
Step 4

Fill out little more basic information and click “Create Profile”

click create profile
Step 5

Select “Source and Destination countries”, enter the “Amount” you want to send, select “Payment Method” & “Receive Method”. Click “Next”

select destination amount payment method and receive method
Step 6

Fill out “Recipient’s Basic Information” & “Account Details”. Click “Next”

fill recipient info and account details
Step 7

Fill out the “Payment details” & “Sender’s Basic Information”. Click “Next”

fill payment details and senders info
Step 8

Read MoneyGram’s “Money Transfer Fraud Warning” and Click “Review & Send”

read warning and click review and send
Step 9

Carefully review the “Sending Amount”, “Receiver’s Information & Bank details”, & “Bank Account Number for sending payment”. Click “Submit Transaction”

review all details
Step 10

Visit to get all required information about MoneyGram

send money to India using MoneyGram last step

MoneyGram FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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MoneyGram and Western Union
June 18, 2020

From a shareholder value and economic point of view, the deal makes sense for MoneyGram and Western Union. Both companies are struggling for top line growth and whilst their digital businesses have been growing, their cash to cash segments, the core of each, has been in slow but serial decline.

MoneyGram deploys AWS and GoogleClouds
March 5, 2020

MoneyGram is integrating with the leader in cloud-based applications, AWS, to bring scale to the company's transaction processing engine. Additionally, MoneyGram is using Google Cloud as its data and analytics engine to better understand customer behavior and deliver a more personalized experience.

MoneyGram sign - FastSend
February 13, 2020

MoneyGram FastSend permits a customer to send funds via SMS message— through the MoneyGram website or mobile app — to send money without having to enter the receiver’s banking information. The recipient does not need to have an account with MoneyGram to receive the funds, as notification is sent by text.

How to Send Money: MoneyGram Official