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  • No maximum wire transfer amount restriction
  • Excellent customer service reviews


  • Minimum transfer amount is $150
  • Less favorable exchange rates
  • Longer transfer time
  • No transfers are allowed during weekends (Market-Close)


Transfer Fees$5 on $150-4999$0 on $5000-50000
Transfer Time5-8 Days
Max Transfer Amount$50000
Min Transfer Amount$150
Sending MethodsBank ACHWire Transfer
Receiving MethodsDirect Bank Deposit
Referral ProgramYes
Customer Service InformationEmail: customer.service@ofx.comNumber (US): +1-888-288-7354

Brief Summary

OFX is one of the largest international money transfer service providers. OFX allows users to send money online from many countries worldwide like Honk Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada, India, Australia, and plans to expand its destination options. OFX is one of the easiest and convenient platforms for both the receivers and senders. OFX, previously known as US Forex was launched in 1998 and has since then, grown to be one of the world’s largest online foreign exchange companies. The company is based in San Francisco, CA and is part of the OZ Forex group which provides foreign exchange services to over 100,000 customers across six continents. OFX provides services across all types of money transfers, including basic remittance as well as limit orders and forward contracts, which allow you to wait for and lock in more desirable exchange rates. OFX simplifies the process of sending money overseas into three easy steps, eliminating any unnecessary steps and making it a reliable remittance solution for its customers. With the unique combination of modern technology, good customer service and a team well versed in the foreign exchange market, OFX offers a smart and secure solution to remittance users, private and corporate customers, all around the world. Created as an alternative to traditional money transfer companies, OFX brings an easier and innovative remittance platform to clients worldwide with a computer, smartphone, and tablet friendly accessibility. It offers low transfer fees, no minimum transfer amounts, and decent exchange rates for a better way to send money overseas. The money transfer company believes in giving a good experience to the customers and hence they provide quick transfer of money within a few minutes, a referral program to benefit new and existing users, and much more. The company also has excellent customer service to cater to every need of the customer.

OFX is an online global money transfer company that helps Indians living in the United States to send money online from the United States to India with higher USD to INR exchange rate for currency conversion than most of the banks. You can send up to $50000 (American Dollar to Indian Rupee) for currency conversion at one go. The money transfer company ensures quick and safe secure transfer of funds. The recipient will receive the funds within 5-8 business days. You can use your bank or wire transfer option to make the transfer and can have the funds transferred into the recipient’s bank account. OFX charges a minimal transaction fee, that is- $5 on transactions ranging between $150-4999, $0 on transactions ranging between $5000-50000; in compliance with the credit/debit card companies. They don’t have any limit of you choose wire transfer. OFX also has a referral program with special exchange rates and deals for the benefit of new and existing users.

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