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  • Transfer amount as low as $2
  • Transparency in fees/coversion rates
  • Offers online fees calculator
  • Quick transfers withing 24 hours
  • Wire transfer upto $1,000,000
  • Pay by debit card upto $2000 for fees of around 0.744% plus TransferWise fees around 0.7%
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • Less favorable exchange rates than major competitors
  • 0.7% transferwise fees in addition to transfer fees on all transaction


Transfer Fees≈(0.2% + 0.7%) on $2-15000
Transfer Time1 Day
Max Transfer Amount$15000
Min Transfer Amount$2
Sending MethodsBank ACHWire TransferDebit CardCredit Card (Not recommended-Remittance often treated as cash advances)
Receiving MethodsDirect Bank Deposit
Referral ProgramYes
Customer Service InformationEmail: support@transferwise.comNumber (US): +1-888-908-3833

How to Send Money with TransferWise

Brief Summary

TransferWise is an authorized electronic money transfer service independently regulated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) the United States. The company supports more than 750 currency routes across the world including GBP (Pound Sterling), USD (US Dollar), EUR (Euro), AUD (Australian Dollar) and CAD (Canadian Dollar) and provides multi-currency accounts to send money globally through their online platform. TransferWise does not have any hidden fee or charges in their exchange rate offer for online transfers. It uses the 'inter-bank' rate – the real rate independently provided by Reuters which saves your money (even compared with the companies who advertise zero commission rate on their online transfers). That means fair, low-cost transfers every time you use their transfer service. This remittance service provider has an easy to use online platform which can be accessed from any personal device such as phone, laptop or PC while also ensuring safe and secure money transfers.

TransferWise provides an easy and efficient way to send money to your loved ones in India from USA. Using TransferWise, you can pay by debit card for up to $2000 in a single transfer with a nominal transfer fee while sending money to India. The transfer amount using their online platform can be as low as $2 till $15000 while exchanging US Dollar to Indian Rupee in a single transfer. You can send a wire transfer of up to $1,000,000 in one online transaction in some simple and easy steps. The transfer fee is around 0.2% of the total transaction amount with an additional 0.7% of the transaction amount for the TransferWise fee. You also have the facility to calculate the exact fees for your transfer by their online USD to INR exchange rate fee calculator. TransferWise offers various payment methods such as Bank account, Wire Transfer, Debit Card and Credit Card in their online transactions. Their online international money transfer service has a typical transfer time of a single day while ensuring safe and secure transfer of money.

Steps to send money to India using TransferWise

Step 2

Select the country where you want to send money. Click “Register” to create an account if you’re a first time user otherwise click “Log In”

TransferWise Profile Page
Step 3

Click “Sign Up” to Create an account if you’re a first time user otherwise enter email ID and password. Click “Log In

First Time User Sign Up
Step 4

Fill out basic information and click “Sign Up”

Sign up Process
Step 5

Select “Source and Destination countries”, enter the “Amount” you want to send & select “Payment Method”. Click “Continue”

select enter amount and choose payment method
Step 6

Select whether it is a “Personal Transfer” or a “Business Transfer”

Transfer Options
Step 7

Enter your personal details including full name, date of birth, phone number and address. Click “Continue”

Fill in your details
Step 8

Select the type of the recipient

Type of the recipient
Step 9

Fill out “Sender’s Bank Details” or “Debit/Credit Card Details”Fill out Recipient’s “Basic Information” & “Account Details”. Click “Confirm”

fill out basic information and account details
Step 10

Select the “Reason for your transfer” and click “Continue”

Reason for your transfer
Step 11

Carefully review the “Sending Amount”, “Recipient’s Information” and “Recipient’s Bank details”. Click “Confirm and Continue”

Review details of your transfer
Step 12

Select the “Payment Method” and click “Continue to Review”

Payment method
Step 13

Select the bank and link your bank account to TransferWise securely using your credentials.

Link your bank account
Step 14

Select an account and authorize the payment

Select an account and authorize the payment
Step 15

Visit to get all required information about TransferWise money

Track transfers in transfer history

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