money2anywhere money transfer service: latest users reviews

Every time I book a transaction it is same frustration

I've been a customer of money2anywhere for close to 4 years. In recent years their customer service is gone completely to junk level. They don't reply to any email. Their site has a call back option and its just a joke, they never call back if we leave our number there. And if you try to call them, you will be put on hold forever, you never get to speak with their customer representative. They just put the transaction on hold and don't inform you and don't even update the proper status in the site. If at all you are lucky to speak with their customer representative, then they will ask you to provide bank statement after that no news for another day. Then again if you are lucky to contact them, then they will tell you to do wire transfer and the funny part is, in their website there is no option to select wire transfer, it has only direct debit. Every month they change their policy and direct debit limit without informing the customer and putting the proper information in the site. So you end with the same frustration again and again. I also used Remit2India. But it is recently bought by money2anywhere's parent company and both are going down the hill with their customer service. So now it is time to look somewhere else for money transfer, actually TranFast, Xoom, Ria, etc are getting much better now.

Subhash Shetty
Date: May 19 2018

don't waste your time like I did!!

don't waste your time like I did!! Awful. It's been 3 weeks now of many calls and emails. They don't answer emails--at all. I am told everything is processing however, the money has not been transferred yet. Can't recommend

Date: September 7 2018

They are money suckers. Dont trust them

They are money suckers. I did a transaction and they were unable transfer it to my account due to their exchange fault. SO they asked me to do another transaction with the same amount so that they can release the amount. BTW they did not inform me about the issue..after two weeks i called them to check then they say that is been rejected. Then it took another 3 weeks to get the money back. Also they deducted 87$ for no reason. They are big lier's. I would like to give negative rating. Customer care is another pathetic. They say they will come back, even after few weeks they will never come back. f&*%king a$$ h0les. Don't use this service.

DhanyaShree Umesh
Date: September 11 2018

Did 6 Weeks virtual training with…

Did 6 Weeks virtual training with PMTRAINING and passed PMP in first attempt. Just like any other providers, we need to make sure that sufficient study hours are dedicated to the PMBOK study and guidance from PMTRAINING worked well for me.

Hussy King
Date: September 26 2018

No one will help to cancel transaction …

No one will help to cancel transaction after 30 min

Date: September 23 2017

This is the worst of all Remittance…

This is the worst of all Remittance services I have ever used. It takes forever to transfer the money from United states to INDIA. Do not fall for the fake reviews who have given good reviews. I have initiated a request on Aug 29th for cancellation and they took 15 days to even respond to the request. Still no response. Customer care will only respond to the requests that will profit them, they will not respond to the requests that are not profitable for them.

Ravinish Reddy Pesaru
Date: September 16 2018

Hi Everyone!!

Hi Everyone!! Money 2 anywhere are scammers for real time!! Worst company I have come across.. Watch out if you plan to do any business with them!! They will screw your credit history even if they claim they do soft credit check !! Watch out Guys . There busy of idiot Mangers and their bosses who think they can do whatever and they have we Donot care attitude

Seema Singh
Date: March 1 2018