placid money transfer service: latest users reviews

This was the fastest transfer i ever… Awesome !!

Awesome ..... This was the fastest transfer i ever made in last 10 years . Payment was sent same day whereas my account got processed later . Amazing service and turn around time !!

Date: March 16 2019

I like placid express service

I like placid express service. It gave me good rate and slow though first time but i think it's at cost of better security and hope this is only first time. next time it will be faster i believe. Customer service is prompt and quick.

Prafulla Kharwadey
Date: March 15 2019

Good experience.

Good experience.I did transfer of $1.5k from US to India.They took some time for Bank verification but after that money got deposited in within 3 days.

Date: March 15 2019

I am happy with Placid.

I am happy with Placid.They have offered Great Transfer rate for First Time transfer.

Date: March 18 2019

Placid gives competitive rates

Placid gives competitive rates, better than most of their competitors. The customer service is good.

Date: April 9 2019

Best rate for money transfer

I got the best rate for the Money transfer on placid. Would recommend it to everyone if the transfer is not super urgent.

Date: March 15 2019

Good Service

Good Service, however i noticed that not all bank branches are not available for my home bank.I had to use other account. Overall, it was a good experience but please ensure you keep yourself upto date for all new branches.

Date: March 18 2019

Good remittance service, recommend.

I had very good experience with placid. The transaction went smoothly and the money got credited earlier than promised.I shall recommend using this remit service.Thanks.

Gyanendra Mani
Date: March 15 2019

Customer Service Chios to Correction

Problem: I have initiated a transaction with placid and placid requested some additional documents to process my transaction. Since I have additional questions on why they are asking my personal data, I called the customer service. The customer service representative response was very in appropriate and very unprofessional. Not willing to listen to my questions at all and doesn’t have patience to answer.Update: Since I wrote the review about my bad experience, Ismail (Placid Floor Manager) called me and explained the corrective actions he has taken to make things corrected. That was the only concern I have expressed and it is addressed, hence updating the review with positive star rating.

Date: May 14 2019

I trust placid.

I trust placid. I have used placid for all my transfer. They do a very good job and keep you informed about your transaction status. Wonderful experience.

Date: March 15 2019

Good rate, quick service

Great sign-up rate; amazingly fast credit to India account. Overall regular rates seem to be slightly better than others.

Date: March 18 2019

Excellent site for money transfer

Excellent site for money transfer. I get all my money transfers done abroad using placid. I have never faced any issues with the site and they have always credited my destination account on or before the promised date. I highly recommend this website to everyone who needs to send money.

Chinmay J
Date: April 3 2019

They provide great rates although it…

They provide great rates although it usually takes 4 business days for transfer to go through

Bhuvana Chandra
Date: March 18 2019

Great speed and good service

Placid express enabled me to transfer money quickly and at a good rate, i would definitely recommend.

Date: March 17 2019

This was Pretty quick and the exchange…

This was Pretty quick and the exchange rate was awesome!! Reliable and fast, i would recommend this service. My transaction was completed within few hours.

Date: March 16 2019

Placid express is Best

Placid express was easy to use. I needed to transfer money to India and Placid express offered the best rate. I trust Placid express and shall use it next time as well.

Date: March 15 2019

Effortless money transfer, no complexity of documents

I am extremely satisfied by the kind of experience provided by placid for the money transfer. I've used several other platforms before but Placid stands out. I will recommend to use it once and try yourself.

Date: March 15 2019

Great Money Transfer Service!

Great Money Transfer Service!. I was the first time user. I got a great promotional rate as a new customer. The customer service was great! I would definitely recommend Placid Express to my friends and relatives.Thank you!Srinivas

Srinivas D
Date: March 15 2019

I have been using placid atleast for…

I have been using placid atleast for about 3-4 years now. It's not the same as before now. My last transfer was delayed because of a fault at their side of not looking at the email, I had sent them immediately with the document proofs they requested. When I enquired why the amount didn't get credited on time as promised, their customer service informed me that they are waiting on my passport/utility bill document to approve the transfer which I had sent them 3 days earlier. When I informed of the same, he didn't even had the curtesy to apologize but just informed Ok, will approve the transfer. However after he approved again it took another 1-2 days for the credit to appear. I had emailed about this to their webplacid email and no response after following up also. I lost the confidence. I am sure they will respond back to this in this review asking to email details on the same email address to look at which is a wast of time. Now there are many better services around who has got good customer service and better professionals. All positive reveiws seems to be in one line and I doubt how many are very geniuine. I recommend Better go with other options who has got some customer curtesy and the right attitude towards the customer. Regards, Bala.

Date: August 23 2019