remit2india money transfer service: latest users reviews

Halima helped me on complete…

Halima helped me on complete transaction. She is knowledgable and very helpful.Thanks for your support.

Surya Vemali
Date: August 20 2019


Thank you for assisting me for transferring money to India. Moreover, thank you for giving a good promo code for first time.

Venkata Sateesh Anantha
Date: July 18 2019

Overall customer service was excellent…

Overall customer service was excellent and promotional offer are really good. Customer service consultant (Ranjit) was really polite and patient. Really appreciate it and referto others

Sivaraj Kt
Date: July 13 2019

Overall Job Well Done..!!

Hi All,This was my first time using Remit2India because of its great Rate it Provided for my Transfer. Thanks to Naveen Bachwani to get on a call and Assisting me for the first time. Appreciate it..!!We initiated the Transaction yesterday (8/22/'19) and must say within 24 Hrs i have received my Money in my India Account. (Do understand with all correct documents Uploaded and Bank accounts correctly Verified in time helped me to get this in time.)Few Suggestions:1. Waiting time to talk to an executive was way too long which can be improved.2. I would expect the Customer care to be proactive to help people like us to benefit more in terms of getting better exchange rate/ providing a better PROMO Code. (eg: I was offered to use NEW** promocode which could give me INR 2,500 but when i used COMPARE i was benefited with INR 3,000 instead. Which i had to propose.)3. While Logging in website it says to enter Username - I think if it says Email Id then it would be more specific. As i struggled to find what was my username (I had created my account a day or 2 back and forgot if it was actually a Username or email which i need to use to login)4. In same line as Point 3 above, if i would have received an email during SignUp with my username even that would have helped. I had searched for my emails but couldn't trace it. Ultimately i had to choose Forgot Password option and Forgot Username to retrieve that information.

Ashish Shubham
Date: August 24 2019

Hassle-free transaction with best deals

Chirag has been helpful all along. Gives me the best offers and guides me throughout the transactions. Thanks Chirag! Thanks Remit2India!

Keerthi Maganti
Date: July 19 2019

It was quick and easy

It was quick and easy. Kanchan was very patient and helped me a lot to complete the transaction. My internet was slow but still she didn't let me feel that. Thanks to her patience.

Pratik Patel
Date: August 30 2019

Incomplete Transaction and Inconsistent Status for 4 Days

Initiated transaction on 30-Aug-2019, money did not reach by 02-Sep-2019, and status shows Funds Awaited. Called up customer service on 02-Sep-2019, the staff said that funds arrived but will be credited into beneficiary account by 03-Sep-2019. Fund did not reach beneficiary by 04-Sep-2019, called up customer service staff, and this time staff says that the source account was not on my name. Saff failed to share web page with clear information suggesting that the source account must be on the name of person initiating transfer. Also, now the staff is saying that they can refund the money after charging 10AUD fees. And this time again staff failed to share any remit2india web page suggesting that there will be 10AUD fees for cancellation of failed transactions.Worst service experience by Remit2India. I recently used Kotak Click2Remit and they were able to transfer the money within 24 hours into the beneficiary account.

Vikash Sharma
Date: September 5 2019

Money not transfered - very worrying

I had initiated transfer of £5000 but there is no update. I am really worried as its my hard earned money. I previously had done 6-8 transaction without any issue with remit2india. All were done instantly but this time - its very urgent + amount is high and am kind of stuck with transaction. Call center not picking up phone and chat option unavailable. Please team - I have lot of trust in your service. Dont let down a loyal customer - thats the last thing you want as a business-Ankit Joshi

ankit joshi
Date: August 20 2019

Their service is poor

Their service is poor. I initiate two transfer couple of days ago and was told someone from compliance team would call me to verify. So far no one called despite emailing them and left messages. I cancelled both transactions. The only reason I went with them since it was offering better rate than others. However the service is poor and not trustworthy. Stay away from them if you can. Dont waste your time and money on them.

Srikant Puvvada
Date: August 10 2019

First time using remit2 india

First time using remit2 india. Naveen Thanks for you help and providing better deal than other remittance providers

Date: July 21 2019

Its been nice experience always with…

Its been nice experience always with Remit2India, I see good offers and higher transfers limits which is unique. Harjinder helped me second transfer and its been very easy and a great support and resolved all my queries. Thank you.

balajirao yarramsetty
Date: July 15 2019

Flawless Remit2India service with 3000 rs extra

The transaction with Remit2India was flawless along with 100 paise extra benefit per dollar. I was on call with Naveen and he guided me thru in an excellent manner for a 3000 rs benefit for this transaction

Saikat Sil
Date: August 31 2019

Ravi has helped me with my transaction…

Ravi has helped me with my transaction questions and he was very courteous in assisting me with my needs.

Rajasekhara Sankaramanchi
Date: September 4 2019

Excellent Customer Service by Tanzil…

Excellent Customer Service by Tanzil Patel....Please keep this guy forever

farhan khan
Date: August 28 2019

Good experience.

Good experience.Till now i never had an issue with Remit2india. Ravi Dutta helps alot and he follows up all the time before and after the transaction. Good Job.

Abhilash Baddam
Date: September 3 2019

I got excellent rate for my transaction…

I got excellent rate for my transaction and Yukti Khanna guided me in an excellent way to complete transaction. Will recommend this to my friends. I was scared before to use this service but she assured me that it’s a safe method to send money. Thanks Yukti.

Daljinder Randhawa
Date: July 12 2019

Did a transfer with the help of Chirag…

Did a transfer with the help of Chirag Talekar from Remit2India. He walked me step by step through the entire process and it was smoother than all the earlier transactions I did.

Date: August 29 2019

It was breeze to sent money with…

It was breeze to sent money with remit2india. the person over the phone his name was Pratik help me when i was not able to get the promo he helped me was with me through out the transaction

Srikanth P
Date: July 16 2019

remit2india is really help me to send…

remit2india is really help me to send my money to Indai with really good price,I had some doubts regarding sending money and called customer service, they all really nice and helped me to get best rate with any difficulties.Special thanks to NAVEEN.

swati shekhada
Date: August 27 2019

Great service!!

Prompt and dependable service. Ravi Dutta was extremely helpful in providing a great exchange rate and completing the transaction without any hassles.

Prashant Mehta
Date: September 5 2019