ria money transfer service: latest users reviews


They have made the app really good now ! Superb rates and completely satisfied

Date: October 16 2019

Extremely dissapointed with their new…

Extremely dissapointed with their new 1$ fee, this is the beginning of the downfall of Ria. I am planning to switch to other money transfers, placid looks promising.

Raju K
Date: July 14 2019

Good and fast service

Good and fast service

Date: August 9 2019

Great service but need to raise the…

Great service but need to raise the limit from 500 to something better.

Date: August 12 2019

excellent and fast service

excellent and fast service

Date: September 13 2019

It's wonderful i send money to my…

It's wonderful i send money to my family and they receive it on time and it's the best

Date: August 9 2019

Its helpful site for transferring money.

Its helpful site for transferring money.

Date: June 19 2019

Once the first transaction got…

Once the first transaction got completed then onwards transactions got completed in a couple of hours with better rates. I like the speed and rate with Ria. Only one suggestion, It would be better if bank account verification got completed by signing to the account instead of two transactions with less than a dollar.

Date: September 13 2019

Best money transfer service ever!

Best money transfer service ever!Pros:- Cheap rates.- Ease of use with established account.- Ease of receiving money.- Promotions on occasions.- Recognizing international holidays!!!!- Quick transfer, usually one day with verified bank accounts.Cons:- NONE!

Mahmoud Sayed Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Rahman
Date: May 12 2019

Good Delivery, Bad customer care

I am glad that it delivers money faster than other companies but I was able to send only $999 per day which is bad. Also it takes long time to contact with customer care.

Date: February 14 2019

Super Fast

Super Fast, Excellent service :)

Ratnesh Khandelwal
Date: August 18 2019

Happy with the service of TransferWise…

Happy with the service of TransferWise good exchange rate compare to other markets and banks and quick transfers ..

vivek choudhary
Date: September 26 2019

Refer a Friend, Earn $20! XXX

Referred friend and she signed up using my referral link in front of me and made a transaction .. & when I asked for a $20 Voucher after a week. They replied saying she didn’t sign up using my link..😤😤😤😤 Enjoy my $20 voucher 👎👎👎👎

sabi shah
Date: September 18 2019

its good.

its good.. when you do a transfer most of the time in gets it seconds or few hours for most Indian banks and the $1 fee is better thought a won't give the exact market rate but close. Instrem gives you good transfer rate but will not be fast, takes 4 days around.Can improve the exchange rate in they can

Praveen Kumar Pola
Date: September 13 2019

Very Happy excellent service

Very Happy excellent service. Bless you ria lakemba. Thank you

Di Mahmood
Date: July 31 2019

Better than all other apps

Better than all other apps. Ria money transfer is number 1

Date: September 13 2019

I am not able to send over $1000…

I am not able to send over $1000 because of some account limitations. I called for support and I was told to go to near Ria office to work with the account limitations. But, I don't have any office near my location. I am happy with the service but I am not all happy with the limitations, if there is something that needs for verification from my end then just let me know and get it done to lift off the limitations. I would give only 3/5 for now, once I get a resolution for this issue then I will update my number.

Purushotham Reddy Cheerla
Date: May 11 2019

I like RIA money very easy and save…

I like RIA money very easy and save thanks RIA

Date: June 18 2019

Ria= It's easy

Ria= It's easy, fast and more convenient with better exchange rates.

Date: June 18 2019

Excellent service!

Excellent service!

Date: May 11 2019