transferwise money transfer service: latest users reviews

Excellent service provided by Mohit…

Excellent service provided by Mohit Makwana & excellent followup for resolving my query. I am really impressed by help provided.

Date: April 19 2019

I am impressed with service skill…

I am impressed with service skill specially Abhishek. He give is good Efforts and solve my query . Thank you

Prashant Modi
Date: July 25 2019

Its a fraud websites don't use it

Its a fraud websites don't use it, You will never get Your money back or Your transfer will not be processed , don't use this website ,its a fraud website,I made a transfer RXM63752478970019, without processing they are saying everyday next day it will complete , be aware of this spam and fraud website

chaitanya reddy
Date: June 12 2019

Thank you Sunny

Great support from the RemitMoney team. Sunny, specifically provided terrific personalized support and was very sharp and resolved issues with my bank transfer very quickly.Great to see the commitment, excellence and focus on customer satisfaction from Sunny. Kudos to the team !!!

Vamsi Mudumbai
Date: August 1 2019

The website is easy to navigate and the…

The website is easy to navigate and the axis bank employees are very good to help to do that

chandana attoti
Date: July 16 2019

I m highly impressed by Sweety

I m highly impressed by Sweety, the lady who assisted me in the call for this issue. Great customer satisfaction from my end due to her 🙂 Good Job Sweety!

Date: July 28 2019

Mr.Abhishak was very helpful and gilded…

Mr.Abhishak was very helpful and gilded me through process of uploading my bank statements and he was Courteous and petitionSubodh

Subodh Seth
Date: July 25 2019

Great Support

The Remit Money rep was very helpful while booking my 2 day internet transfer.Thanks,Monnappa

Date: July 26 2019

Easy & Convenient

It is fairly easy to transfer the money. Excellent customer service. Lot of help in the process if needed.

Kavi K
Date: July 23 2019

Better rates than any other

Better rates than any other. Very fast transfer.

Senthil Kumar Rajendran
Date: September 4 2019

got a very good support since i was…

got a very good support since i was trying to reset my password past couple of days. but i couldn't

alraj p
Date: April 20 2019

Great service!

It is a quick and easy service! Never had problems with transferring money. Nice and friendly customer service too.

toshal thanawala
Date: April 29 2019

Excellent service by remitmoney

Remitmoney is good & trusted web site to send money.The service provided by Sunny mahida was excellent.

Date: December 15 2018

Would like the fee to be little less

Would like the fee to be little less. Nevertheless, it is a great and easy way to transfer money in short turnaround time. :D

Date: August 30 2019


good good good

suher akafeh
Date: September 4 2019

Excellent product for the consumer

Excellent product for the consumer

Sulabh Deshmukh
Date: September 2 2019

There were hiccups in the beginning of transaction.

There were hiccups in the beginning of my recent transaction. However, Transferwire handled well thereafter. Overall I am satisfied.

Date: September 2 2019

I liked the customer support which was…

I liked the customer support which was very helpful when I got stuck at one point during transaction. Mohit Makwana from customer support team was really patient throughout the process and really helped a lot and made sure to stay till it went through. Most awesome part was he also informed himself that transaction went through. I Iiked the entire experience.

Somya Singh
Date: March 29 2019

I am enjoying Remitmoney

I am enjoying Remitmoney. Thanks for the customer service when needed. Representative Keziah Nadar (Customer Support Representative) has walked me through all the guide lines on right time.

Date: March 13 2019

The representative Sweety Maidy went…

The representative Sweety Maidy went above and beyond to helping me with my transaction. She was one of the best customer service rep I came accross at remit money. Glad to receive the professionalism, accuracy and valuable advise by her. People like her probably makes remit money such a good platform for global money transfers. Appreciate the high quality service.

Date: April 24 2019

Awesome experience

Awesome experience. Works like a cham!!! Thank you!

Nirmal Acharya
Date: September 6 2019

After teething issues of 'first transaction', next ones are working great!

First transaction had several issues including 'trust', 'understanding alternative options- why/ 'why not', unplanned extended time in completing transactions ...// However, having completed first transaction and with the help of 'customer service team', specifically Mr. Rahul, next transactions happen like a 'breeeeze'!. Most importantly, the rates are very attractive. Even now, it does have minor glitches, I love it now!

Raaj Sn
Date: May 15 2019

Excellent customer service by Sheldon

Excellent customer service by Sheldon. Thank you and have an excellent weekend !!!

Date: July 14 2019


GREAT!!! It works like a charm!

Arjuna Scagnetto
Date: September 5 2019

It is simple and fast.

It is simple and fast.

Aashish Jagdishchandra Dabral
Date: September 1 2019

Very effective and hassle free…

Very effective and hassle free transfer, secure and safe. It is cheaper than most banks

Mr Mahmoud Radwan
Date: August 31 2019


Good. No problems so far. Although the transfer rate charged is higher than some money transfer apps/programs, the process is super fast and the exchange rate is usually higher.Once you work out how to use TransferWise, it's quick, easy and efficient. It's just a shame that some paperwork is involved in the setup process.

Date: September 7 2019


It is really easy, full comfort , app is very good,I love it!

Anita Etelka Vámosi
Date: September 4 2019

Avoid business account. Worst service!!!

I have recently setup a business account and I have transferred funds from another account to pay wages but my funds has been showing pending due to some silly check.Avoid using this for business as it’s pretty awful!

Kishan Singh
Date: September 1 2019

Best rate

Best rate than any other banks and money exchange stations.

Ashok Uperkoti
Date: September 7 2019

Smooth and seamless experience

Smooth and seamless experience. Very Fast!

Jagadeesh Balakrishnan
Date: September 5 2019

The easiest way to transfer money…

The easiest way to transfer money overseas!

abira Ganguly
Date: September 1 2019

Very friendly and solved my issue and…

Very friendly and solved my issue and my transfer went through.Thank you

Daxaben Dinesh Patel
Date: August 31 2019

Neeraj was very helpful

Neeraj was very helpful. We had to do browser cache cleaning and it took a long time. He was helping me over 30 minutes. But finally we came up with a solution and I could log in (my initial complaint was that I couldn't log in). Thank you for your patience and help.

Jen Kumar
Date: April 30 2019

Excellent service and they take good…

Excellent service and they take good care for the clients even giving a better rate than the existing market rate

Nikhitha Siddharth
Date: April 24 2019

Simply Superb Service

S3 - Simply superb service. RemitMoney is simple, effective and reliable service for money transfer. It provides peace of mind while transferring large amount of cash from US to India account within few hours whereas other providers such as Xoom usually takes 3-4 business days. Thanks to RemitMoney for fantastic service.

Date: March 27 2019

LOVE the rates and prices.

LOVE the rates and prices.. Everything is upfront. Very easy to use the platform! great work guys!

Mohamed Asim Mughal
Date: September 3 2019

TransferWise is awesome for expats!

I was an early adopter of TransferWise in 2013 and was highly impressed with the technology, low fees and ease of use. Having worked and lived in multiple countries (Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Hungary), it was tedious opening multiple bank accounts and lots of time and money spent transferring funds. Now I have a TransferWise Borderless Account and Debit Card and can move money fast and cheap from my iPhone. It makes spending money abroad super easy and takes the stress out of travelling. Also very useful for international investing in stocks or property.I have recommended TransferWise to all my friends and family and will continue to champion this company if they keep this standard of service.

Date: September 5 2019

This is a very good Border-less account

This is a very good service to maintain account in different currencies with Border-less card. Request - There should not be conversion charges to convert money from one currency to other in the same account holder.

Arvind Kulkarni
Date: August 29 2019

Safe and reliable service

Safe and reliable service. Get free transfer by Signup using this link : transferwise[dot]com/u/abhijithp1

Abhijith Purushothaman
Date: September 3 2019