instarem money transfer service: latest users reviews

Instarem service very good

Instarem service is very good. Whenever I sent money, maximum time recipient received the amount on the same day.

Date: September 7 2019

Amazing app i never seen..

Amazing app i never seen... fastest transfer ,Great way to send to money with high conversion rate really perfect

Date: September 5 2019

Instarem Rate on Trustpilot

Instarem is one of the best website to online transfer money . I am using this website to transfer money to my country and very happy to share my experience on this platform. Biggest advantage of Instarem is Instant Transfer , current rate and very little fee to use this service.Thanks Instarem for such a wonderful service .

Santosh Kushwaha
Date: September 2 2019

Is good interface to do the…

Is good interface to do the remittance. I suggest instaRem to friends .I am using since 2 yrs. till now i didn't face any technical issue during the transactions. Only one request is their can provide some promotion codes/rewards for regular users like me like other apps available in market, as a token of benefit or gift for long term user. This stop looking for alternatives.Thanks & RegardsSanthosh

santhosh repaka
Date: August 27 2019

An easy way to send money to India

I have used Instarem to send money to family in India. A couple of times I used the coupon codes, that were advertised, and saved some money too.The process of setting up does take some time, but once the account is validated, the process of sending the money is seamless. Money was received in the bank account as promised.Only thing I have to remember is to plan the transfer in advance, since it does take a few business days for the process, due to ACH, etcWould certainly recommend it to family and friends

Anil Jaiswal
Date: August 31 2019

Better Rates Lower Fees

This is the best money remittance service I have ever used. My previous remittance service was not any bad, but believe it or not, InstaReM has a better rate and lower service fee than any other services so far. The service is also prompt and I can perform transfer to more banks back home than any other transfer service providers.

prakahs sharma
Date: August 17 2019

Super quick support and amazing…

Super quick support and amazing experience.I transferred funds using Instarem at 11 AM, by 5 PM on the same day I got the email from my block Account service provider that my funds has received, Thanks to Instarem support specially Mr. Umesh Khajale, you guys super quick and doing wonderful job. Exchange rates are very low as compared to other service providers with minimal transaction fee. I am very very impressed and I would recommend Instarem to each and every one who wish to transfer funds overseas. Thanks for being in the Market. Special thanks to Mr. Umesh Khajale for being so nice and cooperative.

Dharmendra Singh
Date: September 2 2019

This is my first time transfer via Instarem

This is my first time transfer via Instarem and it has been an amazing experience. I liked the coupon code, which helped me to only pay 40$ when the transfer was only 50$. The reward points option was another great deal. Even the transfer rate that Instarem offers is mind blowing, they just transferred me a 0.25$ transfer fee to transfer 50$ which was such a sweet thing. I recommend Instarem to all those looking to transfer money overseas. Thanks Instarem !

Date: August 14 2019

Their system does not inform the user…

Their system does not inform the user about there insta points I almost lost 400 Insta points so now reluctant to use the system but have no other option too.

sumeet jaggi
Date: September 4 2019

Instarem is very efficient and easy…

Instarem is very efficient and easy for transfer. The transfer rate they are offering is also very good, the charges are less. Just time takes to transfer is more. Also, we need to send fund manually to Instarem’s account first, once they receive money then they release fund and because of which it takes time. Hopefully, in future they will have instant money transfer.

Pradip Rangholiya
Date: June 7 2019

They take your information and never respond to your emails.

I opened an account and they asked for additional documents, I uploaded documents and they sent an email for extra really really unnecessary information which is sort of harassment. After 4 days, I sent another followup email and asked them to verify my account. I think they just steal your data without any service in return. Big Scam!

Asiyeh Golabchi
Date: September 6 2019

Easy and Quick

Apart from Good exchange rate, Easy to Navigate and complete payment, Transfer speed is also quite good.

Vinoth Barathi
Date: August 27 2019

Convenient and fast

Very convenient for transferring money abroad. Quick and reliable with transparent exchange rates

Rajeev Kumar
Date: August 25 2019

It was very good

It was very good. Easy GUI and EASY way to send the money. Fx rates are not reduced and fair transaction fee for each transfer. fast and reliable transfer.

Karthikeyan Visvanathan
Date: August 23 2019

It provides really good rate

It provides really good rate, just not sure the usage of the points as I am not able to redeem. rest is great.

Sneha Upadhyay
Date: June 14 2019

Simple and secure transfer

Simple and secure transfer. Competitive exchange rates

Jignesh Joshi
Date: August 20 2019

InstaReM is hassle free and fast transfer

InstaReM is hassle free. They give coupon code for frequent users. The amount gets credited on the next working day. Very reliable and fast fund transfer. I m finding InstaReM better than the WU. I had referred InstaReM to my friends as well.Thanks InstaReM for their good support.

Salim Amanullah
Date: August 30 2019

It's providing good service

It's providing good service, one suggestion is to allow redeem points for the money greater than 100 so that frequency of users will be increased bcz people will prefer instarem over others.

Sandeep Pandey
Date: July 29 2019

The transfer process was good

The transfer process was good, but the limit on ACH deposit or paying through bank is set to a very low limit of $1500. Also the fees and instapoints calculation is very hard, tedious and difficult to wrap your brain around. I am good at math but still couldn't figure out what charges and points make sense in InstaReM. Overall okay tranfer service. Thanks.

pushpa devi
Date: August 29 2019

Very poor customer service

Very poor customer service, InstaRem do not respond to email or repeated phone calls. Policy is not transparent to users and exchange rate they claim high but not correct. I am worried of my personal details and credentials with the company.

Date: August 27 2019